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Mushlim child delivery xnxx video

Earlier this week a video began circulating on Arabic-language websites purportedly showing a crowd of Muslims in Egypt assaulting and raping two Christian women—on a crowded street and in broad daylight. None of the many passersby intervene in any way. Little other information about the video accompanies the Arabic sites posting it. So I did some searching; apparently the events recorded in the video occurred in Surprisingly, the article confirmed the authenticity of the video and what it depicts.

Much more interesting are the arguments the article makes to justify the rape of Christians: it claims that Muslim rage for this particular incident was prompted by accusations that a Coptic man had raped a Muslim girl.

Accordingly, Muslims were merely retaliating in like manner along with raping Christian girls, Muslims also rioted, burned, and destroyed Christian shops and homes, as is customary.

mushlim child delivery xnxx video

He did it as a base man exercising base instincts—instincts which have nothing to do with race or religion. The brief video follows. Images on this site are copyright to their respectful owners. If an image belonging to you appears here and you desire it removed, please contact us with the details and it will be promptly removed. Coptic girl screams as her assailants manage to strip off her blue pants completely exposing her thighs between seconds of the video.Each culture and religion has its own customs and traditions for the birth of a child.

During and after the birth of a Muslim child, there are certain rituals the mother and father must perform. Some of these traditions are culturally inspired, and others are performed according to passages in the Quran that detail the appropriate actions after childbirth.

When a Muslim woman is in labor, it is customary for only female attendees to participate in the birth. This includes family members, nurses, doctors, midwives and doulas. However, there is no explicit rule against a male doctor attending the birth of a Muslim child, but a female doctor is preferred whenever possible.

Although many Muslim fathers do not attend the birth of their child, there is no Islamic teaching that prohibits this. Rather, it is a cultural belief that childbirth should only involve women. It is culturally and religiously important for Muslim women to breastfeed their infants shortly after birth.

In fact, soon after the delivery of a child, many Muslim women are given ratb, which is a kind of date that improves the quality of breast milk. This tradition is a result of a passage in the Quran where Allah told the mother of the prophet Isa to eat dates so that the child would be patient and clever. There are also many references to breastfeeding in the Quran that encourage Muslim women to breastfeed their children for two years.

All Muslim fathers are to recite an adhan in their infant's right ear so that it is the first words he or she hears. An adhan is a call to prayer that is announced from mosques five times per day: at sunrise, at noon, in the afternoon, at dusk and in the evening.

There are several phrases used for a call to prayer, but the most commonly-used adhan is "there is no deity but God, and Muhammad is the messenger of God. After a Muslim child is born, it is customary for an aqiqah, which is a community celebration, to be held on the seventh day after the birth.

However, postponing this celebration until a later date is acceptable. To provide food for the aqiqah, a Muslim father is to slaughter one or two animals. These animals are typically goats or sheep. One third of the meat is given away to the poor, and the rest is shared in the community meal.

Relatives, friends and neighbors are usually the only people invited to an aqiqah. Michelle Lee has been writing on the topics of culture and society since She has published articles in scholarly journals, such as "Social Problems" and the "Journal of Sociology," and also written articles for web-based companies. Lee holds a Bachelor of Arts in ethnic, gender and labor studies from the University of Washington.

The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language. See disclaimer. Muslim Birth Customs. Female doctors are preferred for the birth of a Muslim child. The Quran states that Muslim women should breastfeed their children.

Adhan is announced at mosques to call Muslims to prayer. Aqiqah is the practice of slaughtering animals for a community celebration. About the Author.

mushlim child delivery xnxx video

Photo Credits.Muslim parents do not traditionally hold a "baby shower" prior to the child's birth. But among most Muslims, it is considered unwise to host a celebration before the child is born. If one cannot afford the expense at the time of the child's birth, it may even be postponed longer, as long as it is done prior to the child reaching puberty.

Saudi woman posts video of husband sexually abusing maid – and now faces jail

The aqiqah is an optional dinner event designed to celebrate the child's birth and welcome him or her to the community. There is no religious consequence for not holding an aqiqah; it is a "sunnah" tradition but is not required. The aqiqah is always hosted by the parents or extended family of the newborn child. In order to provide a community meal, the family slaughters one or two sheep or goats.

While sheep or goats are the most common sacrificial animals, in some regions, cows or camels may also be sacrificed. One-third of the meat is given away to the poor as charity, and the rest is served in a large community meal with relatives, friends, and neighbors. Many guests bring gifts for the new baby and the parents, such as clothing, toys or baby furniture. In addition to prayers and well-wishes for the baby, the aqiqah is also a time when the child's hair is first cut or shavedand its weight in gold or silver is given as a donation to the poor.

This event is also when the baby's name is officially announced. For this reason, the aqiqah is sometimes referred to as a naming ceremony, although there is no official procedure or ceremony involved to the act of naming.

The word aqiqah comes from the Arabic word 'aq which means to cut. Some attribute this to the child's first haircut, while others say that it refers to the slaughtering of the animal to provide meat for the meal. Share Flipboard Email. Islam Expert. Huda is an educator, school administrator, and author who has more than two decades of experience researching and writing about Islam online. Updated February 02, Awad was 12 when his employer started sexually abusing him.

He had a new job in a factory in Kasur and, he says, he knew such abuse was common.

mushlim child delivery xnxx video

It continued for more than a year. The abuse of child workers in northern Pakistan is an open secret. Awad, an orphan who has spent time on the streets and in shelters for children, says he knows many other youngsters who are abused in factories and workshops in Kasur, an extremely conservative city in Punjab.

Ahmed, 11, was sexually abused by the owner of a restaurant in which he worked.

mushlim child delivery xnxx video

Ahmed was reluctant to tell his parents about the abuse. Everything was against me. About 3. Interviews with children, families, organisations and officials in Kasur reveal that many working children, particularly boys, are expected to indulge in sexual activity with employers, peers and acquaintances, often in return for work or accommodation. Victims are often threatened to keep silent, and the mechanism of fear almost always works.

Few government institutions seem to address the issue. Police in Kasur characterise it as a cultural problem. Waseem Abbas, from the Child Protection and Welfare Bureausays his department regularly raids homes and locations where they have received a tipoff about gangs or rings of sexual predators, but he too believes lack of awareness and poverty are at the heart of the problem. While his department offers shelter and psychological help to street children and those who run away from home, abuse is too widespread in Pakistan to challenge, says Abbas.

Tackling the sexual exploitation of children is apparently not a priority for the government, says Bukhari. That is the extent of their seriousness. According to Sahil, an organisation that works on the sexual harassment of children in Pakistan, more than nine children are abused countrywide each day. Types of abuse include unwanted kissing or touching, oral sex and rape. Ina long-running child pornography ring was uncovered after video footage of an estimated children being sexually abused came to light in Hussain Khanwala village.

The perpetrators were found to be young men in their 20s and 30s. A commission into child abuse, set up following the Kasur case, found that in the first six months ofcases of child sexual abuse were reported in Punjab. In January, Kasur became the focus of renewed scrutiny when the mutilated body of eight-year-old Zainab Ansari was found dumped near her home.

She was one of 11 girls between six and eight who were raped and killed in Kasur by the same culprit, who was later found. For Bukhari, these cases were the tip of the iceberg.

Ahmed did eventually tell his parents, but they did not report the abuse. They were ashamed, and feared the police would not act. Bukhari helped Awad find employment in a leather factory, where he says he feels safe. He continues to be propositioned in the street but now, he says, he has learned how to protect himself. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Global development Trafficking in focus. Reuse this content. Most popular.Graphic video footage shows a mother giving birth to her fourth child, a baby girl, by a creek in Australia's Daintree Rainforest.

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Birth Videos

Rod Stewart and family come together for a live concert on Instagram. Fight breaks out between security guard and customer at Asda. Furious brave nurse chases off youths casually boozing in park.Not content with getting pregnant at 11 and giving birth at 12, she is now expecting her second child at the age of Her unborn baby's father is 17 and out of work, so the financial burden of supporting her growing family will continue to be borne by taxpayers.

One neighbour on a council estate in Rotherham said: 'She is giving out the message that it's OK to keep getting pregnant and the state will just keep paying for it. Her own mother was just 14 when she had her, and went on to become Britain's youngest grandmother at The girl's first baby was fathered by a man of 23 who was also her mother's lover.

He was convicted of having unlawful sexual intercourse and jailed for seven years at Sheffield Crown Court, but the sentence was halved on appeal. The girl did not realise she was pregnant until she started giving birth on the lavatory of her family home.

The family had to be rehoused because of the ensuing publicity and she later claimed she had been raped by the man. However, the background to her second pregnancy, now in its seventh month, appears to be the more familiar one of 'illicit' teenage romance. Her boyfriend is a daily visitor to her mother's semi-detached council house on the outskirts of town. According to neighbours he often stays late, and is sometimes there overnight. He claims he will stand by her and help bring up both babies.

The young father-to-be is believed to have been questioned by social workers and police, but not to have been arrested.

He said of the pregnancy: 'I'm not bothered about it, it happened. But her mum is worried about her kids being taken into care.

08 Sexual behavior and steroid levels among gynecologically mature premenopausal women.

They don't go out to pubs or clubs or anything like that. It's a longstanding relationship, he has been going out with her for at least a year. She might act a bit older than she is, but with already having one kid to bring up that's because she has no choice. She added: 'A lot of nasty rubbish is being talked about my daughter and I don't want to say anything more. Neighbours said the teenager had tried to hide her pregnancy for as long as possible, and now spent most of her time at home awaiting the birth.

He warned: 'Children are under immense pressure to behave as adults when they should be allowed to live as children.

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No comments have so far been submitted. Why not be the first to send us your thoughts, or debate this issue live on our message boards. Argos AO. But even so, the neighbours are shocked.I was nearing two weeks overdue when we went for a checkup, hoping the doctor would finally find a softened cervix and some dilatation.

The baby was where she wanted to be and other than being emotional because it was the Friday before Mother's Day and I had counted on having a reason other than our cats to celebrate, I was feeling great. We put together a plan to meet at the hospital on Monday morning to start the gel for induction and joked about going out on our boat and bouncing the baby out.

Later that day, I was finishing lunch and making plans to go shopping when the doctor phoned, stating that she had conferred with others and wanted to know if I wanted to have a baby that night. While sitting in the lobby waiting for our room, we were like a couple going off for the weekend, giggling and cuddling while watching waiting room dramas unfold.

When we were called I almost skipped to our room. We met our amazing nursing staff that we would spend the next three days with, reviewed our birthing plan, talked with our doctor, and met the OB who would do the c-section.

We joked with the OB that we hoped he had done his workout that day as we were expecting a 9-pounds-plus baby girl. While hooked to the monitor, I wrote in our daughter's journal about what we were doing and watched my husband play with everything in the state-of-the-art room.

While being monitored the nurse came rushing in to see how I was handling the contractions. I had to laugh as I did not feel a thing.

Video: Christian Girls Gang Raped to Screams of “Allahu Akbar” in Egypt

The time came to go to the surgery room, so I walked down the hall, met the surgery staff and jumped up on the operating table. They asked what music we would like if the current selection was not okay. Who would have thought?!? The only bad thing was that I felt like we were in an igloo it was so cold in the room.

The worst part of the whole thing was getting the sterilizing wash on my back before the anesthesia as it was so cool. They quickly brought me warm blankets to keep me snug. Keeping true to my entire pregnancy, I threw up the entire time in surgery. Picture my husband at my side in his space suit, holding a sick bag in one hand and a camera in the other.

All the nurses cheered the moment we all heard her cry and celebrated every moment with us. About two hours after getting back to our room we went for a little walk with her wrapped up in her rolling bassinet. We spent the entire night just staring at her.

We felt like it was more than we could have ever asked for and not the sterile, unemotional c-section we had envisioned. My birth story is a pretty crazy one. I was extremely scared of childbirth. I have been fortunate enough to avoid any kind of surgery or stitches.

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