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Lyft internship reddit

Venmo was created with the idea that paying friends should be simple, delightful, and connected. Venmo is not only a seamless way to pay friends, but a means to shop anywhere at anytime, and connect with friends over shared experiences. We want to celebrate those experiences in bigger ways and empower meaningful connections not only between friends, but between people and brands as well. We have big ambitions to expand our social commerce ecosystem to all types of users and businesses.

Discover opportunities designed to set your career in motion.

As a team, we work hard to bring this vision to life. We consider ourselves a family, and to us that means creating an inclusive workspace that celebrates diversity and ensures everyone at Venmo feels safe, respected, and heard. Located in multiple cities, our offices are equipped with everything we need to be comfortable and productive.

Caffeine aplenty, catered lunches, and fully-stocked kitchens keep us fueled. And our growing, ambitious team keeps us motivated. Stay Healthy We offer premium medical, vision, and dental coverage for you and your family. Plus, enjoy healthy snacks galore and fitness classes at some of our office locations. Work Happy Your time at work should be nothing short of enjoyable.

lyft internship reddit

Venmo provides options to set up your desk space for optimum comfort, and fun events and celebrations throughout the year. Affinity group activities, trainings, and open feedback channels help cultivate a sense of belonging for all.

Live Comfortably Flexibility and time off is not only well-deserved, but essential. Enjoy work from home options, a generous vacation allowance, and commuter reimbursements to ease the back-and-forth. Plan Ahead Giving you the time and resources to build your future is important. We offer paid leave for expecting mothers, fathers, same-sex spouses, and domestic partners. Give Back From matching charitable gift donations to providing volunteer opportunities, we fully support and encourage your philanthropic efforts.

What does your application process look like?

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Each job has a slightly different application process, depending on the role or department. Be sure to ask your recruiter about the interview process. How long does it take to get back to me about next steps after I submit my application through the careers page?

Timing depends on the level of urgency for filling the position as well as the volume of applications we receive.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again.

Demonstrate your coding skills, these can be put on your resume and will be discussed in your interviews. Make a spreasheet of companies that you'd like to apply to. Have columns such as company name, website, application status, and similar. To find companies to apply to have a look at these websites:. Some companies will have a form online, but some you'll have to cold email.

Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. A guide to getting an internship. Branch: master. Find file. Sign in Sign up. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.

Latest commit. Latest commit ca1 Jun 23, Internship Guide A list of links with a little bit of advice sprinkled in. Feel free to make a pull request with updates!

Contents: Just keep in mind It never hurts to apply to any internship in the area you're wanting to go into eg. Software Engineeringthe worse that can happen is that the company never replies or responds with a "Sorry, we're looking for more experienced or students who are further along their academic careers" etc. Don't pay attention to the requirements or qualifications most of the time. If you're pretty comfortable with Java and the internship you're applying to requires C - a language very similar to Java - still apply!

lyft internship reddit

If you're willing, some of your Java knowledge can transfer to C without a problem. If you get an internship, congratulations! Don't stress about not knowing anything of feeling like you don't belong. It's pretty common. The company knows you're inexperienced and don't know much. You're not expected to go away for 5 days, then come out solving all of the bug issues and be heralded as a hero but if you do Working as a Software Engineer for any company usually involves a lot of cooperation between co-workers.

So this is your time to find out how well your soft skills are and improve upon them! Better soft skills, means better communication, which leads to less confusion in the future. Internships and experiences vary from company to company. And even within the same company, intern at Company A in their office in New York will have a difference experience compared to the intern at Company A in their office in San Francisco.

Whenever you need help or feel stuck, don't be afraid to ask a question, whether it's your manager, co-workers, etc.

They've most likely been in your position before and understand how it feels.Just got an offer from Lyft for new grad swe. Base: k Bonus: 50k Relocation: 10K Equity: k over 4 years shares Any insight would be helpful, thanks! Clarification: this is a return offer from the internship.

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Telecom Auto Health Aviation. My Company My Industry. Polls Keywords Customize Interests. Salary Comparison Find Your Colleagues. Home Compensation. Lyft New Grad Compensation Lyft bigfoot Sep 7, 33 Comments.

Clarification: this is a return offer from the internship Lyft. Salesforce Vgyhnf. This is top offer for new grad. Sep 7, 7 2. Lyft bigfoot Did an internship at a small startup, large networking company, and then Lyft.

What it takes

Lucky to be selected as a fellow in some of SFs top VCs too. HP jay Google xKEG Sep 7, 6 0. Airbnb BsUc Sep 7, 2 8. Yeah all return interns got the same offer. Did you not see a similar number? Airbnb bVgXStripe builds financial tools and economic infrastructure for the internet.

Our customers are the most ambitious organizations in the world. Previously, they had to create an ad hoc, informally specified, bug-ridden version of financial rails before they could do business online. We are doing the difficult-but-necessary work of building a global payments and treasury network—so entrepreneurs and enterprises can concentrate on creating value, not moving money. We have a staggering amount of work ahead. We focus on the details of everything we do.

So Lyft can concentrate on delighting drivers and riders, rather than moving money between them. So Slack can reinvent workplace communication, not invoicing. So Khan Academy can focus on educating the world, not fighting credit card fraud.

Our customers entrust us with the enormous responsibility of helping to run their livelihoods. We work tirelessly to be worthy of that trust. Our business has grown much faster than our company. Merely outrunning our competitors would be insufficient—we have to outrun all our customers.

We have to get to the regions they want to expand to before they do. It enables incredible growth for people joining Stripe. We are willing to give enormous responsibilities to Stripes at any stage of their career if they demonstrate the right abilities to run with them.

lyft internship reddit

We have expanded into new countries with a ground team of two people. We have company-defining products that were originally built by one or two engineers in their first real job or internship.

Become a leader at Lyft

We have to work at the speed of the internetwhile also being among the most reliable organizations on it. We need to invent a mode of working which marries the intensity that startups often prize with sustainable careers and organizational memory.

We want the uptime for Stripe to be measured in decades; we cannot afford to burn our archives every 18 months due to turnover. Successful Stripes are rigorous thinkers who appreciate that things worth doing are rarely simple. We want people who are unafraid to be wrong, to enthusiastically back proposals they initially opposed, and to support decisions with numbers and narrative. We operate in situations of substantial uncertainty and cannot afford either timidity or recklessness.

The global financial system can seem like a mystifying domain. It is not. We want specialists who are already experts in their chosen field and are ready to spend several years advancing the state of the art in it. People who thrive in high-conflict work environments often do not enjoy the experience here. We try to embrace extreme interpersonal kindness while still encouraging Stripes to take measured risks and act boldly, even in the absence of consensus.

So you want to be a wizard. Stripe has its roots on the internet, but our office in San Francisco has been the beating heart of our operations for most of our history. We think this is unlikely to remain true.

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The Equality of Opportunity Project. Join the team in Tokyo.The Associate Product Manager APM program is an month rotational program designed to accelerate the careers of exceptional new product managers. Our mission is to build Lyft's next generation of product leaders.

We're looking for a small group of mission-driven people, excited to have huge impact in building the world's best transportation. APMs will own at least one high-impact project per rotation. The APM program is designed to foster a strong sense of community, and help build lifelong connections.

We are no longer accepting applications for our next class of APMs. If you have already applied, your application will be considered and reviewed by our recruiting team. The next class will begin in Augustthe duration of the program is approximately 18 months.

PMs at Lyft have a broad set of skills that capture the ability to execute on a vision, lead cross-functionally, and exhibit strong technical aptitude. APMs will go through a typical product manager interview cycle that aims to discover the primary skills we are looking for in PMs.

To learn more about the PM interview at Lyft, check out this blog post.

lyft internship reddit

Frequently asked questions. How long is the APM Program? How are the rotations structured? What kind of mentorship will APMs receive as participants in the program? What happens after an APM completes the program? What types of teams will an APM get to work on? How many APM classes does Lyft offer per year?Palantir is a software company that builds the world's leading software for data-driven operations and decision-making.

Our platforms power critical operations for government and commercial clients in dozens of industries worldwide. At Palantir, we're passionate about building software that solves problems. We partner with the most important institutions in the world to transform how they use data and technology.

Our software has been used to stop terrorist attacks, discover new medicines, gain an edge in global financial markets, and more. We're working to build a future in which public institutions, commercial enterprises, and non-profit organizations can use data to function as they were designed — to fulfill the mandates with which they've been entrusted, to deliver value to customers, and to distribute aid to those most in need.

Powerful new drugs to fight the world's most destructive diseases are tantalizingly close. We work with government research agencies and pharmaceutical companies to comb through research papers and clinical trial studies and surface patterns that could lead to the next big medical breakthrough. Our origins are in intelligence and defense, and we've worked tirelessly in pursuit of that mission for more than a decade.

The world's security organizations depend on Palantir to protect their citizens, stop the spread of terrorism, and make the world a safer place. We're proud to partner with organizations that are dedicated to improving and saving lives, whether it's after natural disasters or in the midst of famine and war. We donate our software and our time to non-profit partners who work every day to help the world's most vulnerable. Palantir was founded on the conviction that it's essential to preserve fundamental principles of privacy and civil liberties while using data, and this conviction shapes every decision we make.

Our two flagship software products, Palantir Gotham and Palantir Foundryhave been developed in close collaboration with our customers over many years — and will be for many more. Both Gotham and Foundry are constantly evolving, and we need your engineering mindset to help us figure out what to build next. Palantir Gotham is an enterprise software platform for data integration and analysis.

Originally designed for the intelligence community, a variety of organizations now use Gotham to understand connections in their data.

Tools like maps, graphs, and charts help users analyze the movement of illicit goods, vectors of foodborne illness, or flows of payments in fraud schemes, to name a few examples. Palantir Foundry is a data platform that simplifies, accelerates, and improves management and analysis of information. With Foundry, any user — regardless of technical background — can source, fuse, and transform data into any shape they desire.

Eminently flexible, Foundry lets organizations use their high-scale, highly complex data to answer questions and make decisions. As a company of creative thinkers working with established enterprises, we're outsiders in a world where insiders reign. We bring perspectives and ideas all our own, and create an environment and culture that no one else can replicate.

Leave convention at the door. We need tomorrow's ideas today. From day one, we want you to contribute — not just to the codebase, but to our strategy and culture. Palantir is a place where you can brainstorm and build epic things, whether it's building a transformative new feature during biannual Hack Weeks or sitting down with company leadership to talk through your ideas for the product roadmap. Our culture helps Palantirians thrive even as they're challenged, starting with our two-week Onboarding course.

For Students

Through initiatives like Cotyledon, our mentorship program for new grads, you'll have plenty of opportunities for development. You'll learn alongside peers who bring diverse experience, from veterans to entrepreneurs to biochemists and beyond. Our people are our most important asset, so we provide benefits to support a happy and healthy community. In-office yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation will keep you feeling balanced.

Hack Week, happy hours, and trivia nights will keep you plugged in to the vibrant community of Palantirians. At its core, this role is about uncovering dots and—without knowing the shape they form—figuring out how to connect them. Our customers come to us with a hunch that the only way to protect their troops, manufacture high-quality products, structure effective healthcare policies, or deliver aid to refugees safely is to make better use of their data.

Deployment Strategists are responsible for turning that hunch into reality. The team's work is primarily focused on surfacing and securing new business opportunities. On any given day, the team is managing a formal proposal for a new contract, drafting market research to help inform procurement processes, or identifying and triaging new business opportunities.

Top 10 Software Engineering Internships (Salaries Revealed!)

Our engineers are involved in all parts of the product lifecycle: idea generation, design, prototyping, planning, execution, and shipping.The government may add more money to these programs, so we encourage you to be prepared should applications reopen.

We will keep you updated as we have new information.

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During this challenging time, Lyft drivers play a critical role, connecting people to essential services and goods—like healthcare, food and medicine. We deeply appreciate your contributions to your communities, and also understand that earning money may be difficult right now. Many drivers on the Lyft platform are self-employed or own their own business and may be eligible. We are closely monitoring these developments, and will continue to share updates based on our understanding of the programs.

Funds are limited, so we are encouraging those who would like to apply to take action as soon as possible. There are two programs available that could provide cash grants and forgivable loans to eligible drivers. Economic Injury Disaster Loan Emergency Advance: opportunity for small businesses, including independent contractors and self-employed individuals, to receive a cash loan advance that does not have to be repaid.

You can apply online through the SBA here. What is this program? How much will I receive? How do I apply? There is a check-box on the application where you can indicate that you would like to be considered for the cash advance. You do not have to take out or be approved for a loan to receive the cash advance.

You can also find detailed directions from the US Chamber of Commerce here. When can I apply?

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The cash advances are available now through the end of We recommend applying ASAP. When will I receive payment? According to the SBA, advance funds will be made available within 3 days of a successful application. However, processing times have been delayed due to the large volume of applications.

This is a new government program so we encourage you to review the conditions of the program in detail. Loan processing times may be very delayed as banks and the government work to meet the overwhelming demand for the program.

This is a new program from the SBA that can provide loans to cover lost earnings for small businesses including independent contractors for an 8-week period, and can be forgiven with proof that the loan has been used for payroll costs. How much can I borrow? Up to 2. You can apply for the loan through your bank or credit union. The SBA has a tool for finding participating lenders here.

You will need to complete the loan application form your bank may have an online versionand provide documents as proof of your income the government has not yet finalized the requirements, but it will likely include tax forms such as the MISC.

Independent contractors and self-employed individuals can apply beginning April 10 through June There is a cap on the funds available for the loan, so if you choose to apply, you should do so ASAP. How do I get the loan forgiven? Submit a written request to your lender. In addition, if you have received an Economic Injury Disaster Loan Emergency Advance, this amount will be subtracted from the amount forgiven.

Where can I find more information?

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